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Cube Ice Products

7# Bag of Cube Ice

This 7 pound bag of cube ice will fulfill all your cooling needs. Ideal size for a medium sized cooler to keep beverages and perishables cool for a long time.

20# Bag of Cube Ice

This 20 pound bag of cube ice, also called our SuperSize Bag, is perfect for cooling products in large sized coolers.

Block Ice Products

10# Block Ice

This 10 pound bag of block ice will keep food cool for a long period of time.

300# Carving Block

Our carving blocks measure 40″ tall x 20″ wide x 10″ thick, and are designed to be crystal clear.  Create flawless ice sculptures for weddings, special events, or just for fun.  Carving blocks are available on demand.  Call The ICE House for details.

Ice Breaker Vending Machine

Get quality cube and blocks of ice delivered to your location.

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