Dry Ice Products


There are 3 types of dry ice.  There are blocks, pellets, and blasting rice.  The dry ice pellets are 1/2 inch in diameter and 2mm in density.

Dry Ice

Our dry ice pellets are 1/2″ in diameter and 2 mm in density. Pellets can be purchased by the pound or in larger quantities.

We also carry 10 pound blocks which measure 1 inch thick and 10″ X 10″. Blocks can be purchased by the pound.

Penguin Brand Dry Ice

This frozen block of dry ice is the absolute best choice for flash freezing, stabilizing, or shipping.  Dry ice has approximately 15 times more cooling capacity than the same amount of wet ice, can last 5 times as long as wet ice, has no liquid state, and will not leave a residue.

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Caution:  Temperature of dry ice is -109.3 °F, handle with care and use gloves.  Can cause asphyxiation, store in properly ventilated containers.

Dry Ice Applications

Camping: Keep refrigerated items cool for 3-4 days by packing dry ice in your cooler. Place dry ice in the bottom of the cooler, cover with cardboard or newspaper, completely cover with wet ice, then pack your cooler as normal with food and beverages. The dry ice freezes the wet ice and everything in your cooler stays nice and chilled for days. No more trips to the convenience store because the ice melted and no leaky coolers.  Dry ice sublimates (turns into a gas) so everything stays cold but not wet.

Hunting or Fishing: Use dry ice to preserve your trophy. Place dry ice in the bottom of a cooler. Cover with newspaper or cardboard and place trophy on top to prevent spoilage. Remember, do not allow direct contact of trophy with dry ice as this will cause superficial damage.

Picnic, Beach or Boating: Dry ice allows you to take ice cream, popsicles, or lemon meringue pies on your next outing. Even sodas and refrigerated items will stay nice and cool. Only taking one cooler? Pack items to be frozen on one side, and refrigerated items on the other. Use cardboard as a divider. Place 5 lbs of dry ice on top of the items to be frozen and a few pounds on the bottom of the other side of the cooler with newspaper or towel on top. You’ve created a convenient side by side non-electrical refrigerator.

Backpacking: Backpacking for a day? Wrap a pound of dry ice in a towel and place in the bottom of your backpack. Put your beverages on top of the dry ice. When you are hot, tired and ready for a really cold beverage, reach into your backpack and pull one out. Best of all, dry ice doesn’t leave a mess in your backpack and you stay nice and cool too!

Tailgating: Don’t deal with a cooler full of ice water and soggy food. Use dry ice to keep your cooler cool and your food and beverages cold. Place the dry ice on the bottom of the cooler, cover with a bag of regular ice, then pack the cooler with all your tailgating items.

Halloween: The scariest spook houses are dark with lots of hovering fog. Use dry ice to create fog by placing a few cups of hot water into a plastic or metal cauldron. Add a few small pieces of dry ice to create instant fog. Add dry ice as needed. Use a crock pot or hot plate to keep water warm.

Witches brew is extra scary when dry ice is added. The mysterious bubbling seems like boiling frogs stew rather than punch. Your guests will love the punch and the special effect. Use 1 gallon of red grape juice and 1 gallon of extra pulp orange juice (refrigerate both juices prior to use). Mix together and add a few small pieces of dry ice when ready for the bubbling effect. Do not serve dry ice to your guests.

Little League Sports: It’s 90 degrees outside and the team is really hot and tired. What is more refreshing than popsicles on a hot day? Use dry ice to keep the entire team cool to the end of the game! Place the popsicles in the bottom of the cooler and put dry ice on top. The team will really enjoy the frozen treat!

Fundraising: You don’t need electricity to sell ice cream and popsicles (or other frozen desserts). All you need is a bag of dry ice, a cooler and popsicles from a local ice cream wholesaler or grocery store to raise lots of money for your cause. The cost is minimal, you can set up in the perfect location and you are selling a unique item. Your patrons will love you and your cause!

Severe weather: As you run to the store to pick up milk, bread, water, batteries and other essentials, pick up a few bags of dry ice. Use 1.5 lbs per 1 cubic foot of freezer space. Place dry ice on a shelf above the items to be kept frozen, and place dry ice on a shelf in the bottom of the refrigerator to keep items cool. Using the appropriate amount of dry ice will keep foods from spoiling for up to 3 days. Refrain from opening the refrigerator or freezer, do not place dry ice directly on glass shelf and do not use in an operating refrigerator or freezer.

Couriers: Rely on dry ice to safely transport life saving perishable items to customer locations. No need to purchase huge quantities of dry ice when it is conveniently located in your community. Place dry ice in the bottom of your cooler, cover with newspaper, towel, or cardboard, and place items to stay cool on top. Be sure that perishable item does not come directly in contact with dry ice

Traveling: Traveling a long distance with perishable items? Place dry ice in the bottom of your cooler, cover with newspaper, towel, or cardboard, and place items to stay cool on top. The dry ice will keep items cool for the ride. 10-15 lbs of dry ice will last 3-4 days.

Flash Freezing: The best way to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables in the winter is to freeze them in the summer. Place a bag (~7-10 lbs) of dry ice in the bottom of a cooler. Wash strawberries, blue berries, peaches etc and place on cookie sheet. Place cookie sheet in cooler until fruit is frozen. Remove cookie sheet using pot holders and place fruit in freezer bags. Store in freezer until ready to use. When thawed, fruit will taste like fresh picked fruit.

Freeze Brand Cattle: Hot branding irons are being replaced with copper irons chilled with dry ice. Freeze branding, instead of scarring the hide, just causes the hair follicles on the animal’s skin to make white hair, making the brand easily visible.

Estimated Cool Time

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When dry ice is used for COOLING, place in BOTTOM of cooler or insulated container. Do not allow food or cans to have direct contact with dry ice – place an insulating material such as cardboard, wet ice or paper between dry ice and product.

When dry ice is used for FREEZING, place it on TOP of items you want frozen, with a separating layer of newspaper or cardboard.

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